Try something new and thrilling when in Telluride!  Rock Climbing,  Ice Climbing,  Paragliding,  Gliding,  Fly Fishing,  Dog Sledding,  Snowmobiling,  Jeeping,  Running,  Cycling,  Hiking. WHEW! If it ends in …”ing” you can do it in Telluride! Do-it yourself or with a trusted guide.

Telluride’s Via Feratta is a wonderful, be-careful half-mile horizontal romp on rocks high above town. The ‘Iron Highway’ is the late, great Chuck Kroger’s realization, complete with safety cable, iron foot and hand holds – and lots of unprotected sections.  A nice, meditative super-hike. The slideshow has photos from solo treks and with Will Blount.  Click here for a  Telluride Via Feratta slideshow.  Click here for a 2014 article on Via Feratta climbs around the world.

Lizard Head is a rotten volcanic plug, 13,114 feet tall, a technical rock climb, needing ropes and equipment. It was a beacon of climbing desire during my teen years and the reason for my first Telluride visit. I climbed it for a 2nd time a few years ago with Damon Johnson.  Click here for a slideshow.

Ice Climbing in and around Telluride is world-class and good cold fun to watch! Bridalveil Falls at Telluride’s Box Canyon is Colorado’s highest waterfall. In the winter it becomes a chandelier of ice, tempting the best climbers. Down the road, coffee or beer in hand, spectators watch world famous Ouray Ice Festival competitors struggle up icy rock and rocky ice.

Paragliding in Telluride is big air fun, made visitor friendly by the incredibly experienced and skilled tandem pilots who can take you into the sky. Click here for additional information on paragliding.

Glider Bob is the man with the machine to you to the clouds and beyond in Telluride. Talented, experienced, with a most beautiful sky chariot, a Stemme motorglider.

After any of the above, take a day to relax and contemplate while fly fishing in the clear, chilled San Miguel and Delores rivers near Telluride.

Motors can be a sportsman’s friend and a snowmobile ride in the winter, or a jeep rental for the mountain passes is a great way to see magnificent terrain.

Running in Telluride means different things to different people! From an every person’s jog down the San Miguel River Trail to the test-yourself Imogene Pass Run to the very, very hard Hardrock 100 and the new Telluride Mountain Run, there is a run out there for you! 

Telluride is blessed with wonderful, but long road bike rides  – and mountain bike trails everywhere! For the road rider, there is the Million Dollar highway, in total, a.k.a the “Death Ride, or when ridden slowly, over days, a beautiful, classic Rocky Mountain bike tour. There is also my charity favorite, the Mountains to the Desert Ride, a one day +- century ride from alpine Telluride to desert Gateway, CO. Telluride’s off-road cycling trails are in abundance, of high quality and altitude and with the most amazing views. Around town, try any of the local cycling favorites, or the remarkable Prospect Trail, or the family-friendly and beautiful Galloping Goose Trail. If you (or more likely your son or daughter) are only interested in downhill cycling, try the Mountain Village Bike Park, which is North America’s only free lift accessed bike park!

Telluride hiking is glorious, for everyone enjoying nature’s solace and inspiration. From the very gentle, suitable for children hike to Bear Creek Falls,  to more challenging walks, such as the Sneffles Highline and Wasatch Trail and to the Blue Lake. These are so many trails and walks taking a few hours to a day or more.