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A blog post about being involved, activism, a.k.a. doing good.  Mixed feelings about posting, especially on my rental website. No offense intended, which is hard, when expressing views.  Being in the USA, politics seems all-consuming but there are other matters.


to the African Union, Embassy of Haiti, Embassy of El Salvador and to the United Nations – by email to each
Cc Donald Trump, Nikki Haley, Rex Tillerson – by email to the White House and by email to the US Mission to the UN

The offensive remarks by Donald Trump on January 11, 2018 do not reflect the feelings and spirit of the American people. Due to the absence of an apology from Donald Trump and due to no discrediting of his remarks by the the American representatives Nikki Haley and Rex Tillerson, I would like to apologize for the vast majority of Americans. What Donald Trump said and thinks is contrary to human decency. Please accept my and our sincere apology. The vast majority of Americans support international friendship, cooperation and respect.

Your friend, Keith Brown

12/18/2017 To Colorado representative Cory Gardner  VOTE NO ON THE TAX BILL
Mr. Gardner, In past emails I supported my opposition to the Republican tax plan by quoting experts, your colleagues, giving an abundance of educated reasons why the bill needs to be defeated..
Now the time for details is past. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS IMMORAL, FLAWED, DESIGNED TO BENEFIT THE ULTRA-WEALTHY REPUBLICAN PATRONS AT THE EXPENSE OF POOR AND MIDDLE CLASS. If you vote yes, I will donate funds and my effort to run you out of office, to make sure your name is linked in the minds of all Colorado citizens to the horrible pain, lost promise and suffering you and Republicans are about to unleash. VOTE NO ON THE TAX BILL. Sincerely, Keith Brown

12/17/2017 – to all Republican senators – VOTE NO ON THE TAX BILL

To All Republican Senators (emailed to each)
I write to urge you to vote against the Tax bill for the following reasons:
  • Your personal and party reputations are at stake. The plan is widely reviled and your constituents and majority of Americans will come to hate you personally,
  • The Tax bill is based on lies and procedural misconduct This massive bill has not been carefully crafted, debated and reviewed,
  • It appears to be in part a political weapon, the few deductions and credits being cut seems to be targeting urban areas that tend to vote Democratic,
  • The bill will add $1 trillion+ to the national debt,
  • The bill gives the majority of tax cuts to the very wealthy and the middle class cuts are small and temporary,
  • The bill means nation building will be not be affordable. The needed repairs and new roads, bridges, airports and utilities will not be affordable. Infrastructure is the one investment that can improve national productivity and employment quickly,
  • You are pretending the widely discredited ‘trickle down economics’ will work this time, when it seems to me and many to be a cover story for your massive tax relief to the ultra-wealthy who are Republican financial donors,
  • Children, the elderly will be hurt by the loss of essential services,
  • We need tax reform and income redistribution, not tax cuts for yourselves and your financial backers.
Sincerely, Keith Brown

12/17/2017 – to John Kelly, sent to the White House – RESIGN

to John Kelly,
I write to advocate you resign as the White House Chief of Staff. You’ve lost your integrity, many do not trust your honesty and think wasted an opportunity to further serve the nation. for these reasons you need to step down from public office.  I recognize you served with distinction and good results as a military officer and for that you/we feel pride and give you appreciation. As the White House Chief of Staff you seeming turned away from the opportunity to be the adult in a juvenile administration to a collaborator and peddler of lies. I’m referring to your attacks on Representative Frederica Wilson in October 2017, which were quickly disproved by news videos as lies. You refused to correct your statements, which does harm to an American sense of truth and honest governance. Your lies about Representative Frederica Wilson alone  is reason for your removal from the White House. However you continued down a line of non-truth and manipulation with your statements about the civil war, claiming the war came from a lack of compromise between slave holding and non-slave holding states. Your position has been widely and thoroughly rebutted by recognized, reputable historians, including  Edna Green Medford, Ron Chernow, Judith Giesberg and by non-historians including Ta-Nehisi Coates and Ken Burns – all of whom point out the extensive attempts for compromise before the war and the immutable reason for war being slavery and the attempts to expand slavery in the United States.
For the above reasons your good reputation has been lost, along with your right to be considered an public servant. If you do step down I hope you will strive to make amends. May I suggest you actively seek as a private citizen the end of the Trump administration as a step towards your personal redemption?
Sincerely, Keith Brown

12/17/2017 just a rant…Starve and make ill poor children and their families till extinct. Repeat until all considered to be ‘others’ are gone. Gut the middle class and turn survivors into college-educated, mostly white servants of the ultra-wealthy. Paul Ryan, Mitch Mcconnell, Gary Cohn, Steve Mnunchin, et al – who serve the donor class of Sheldon Adelson, Robert Day, Thomas Wachtell, Bruce Rasletter, Al Hoffman, Frayda Levin, Art Pope and the Koch brothers, et al are working with lies and dedication to realize this Republican wet dream.

12/15 2017 – NET NEUTRALITY to colorado attorney general
Please join other states that are suing the FCC for moving forward with the net neutrality repeal even though the public input process was rife with fraudulent entries, including the use of stolen identities, comments from bots, and submissions from suspicious Russian email addresses.…/contact-colorado-office-attorney…

12/13/2017 – NET NEUTRALITY
to Ajit.Pai, Mignon.Clyburn, Mike.O’Rielly, Brendan.Carr, Jessica.Rosenw.,, Mike.O’,,

The vast majority (75-80%) Of Americans are against your sell-out of our internet access to cable and ISP companies and strongly want to keep the existing net neutrality laws.

You know the repeal is against American interests. I speculate Ajit Pai is on the take, for bribes, likely in the form of a promised private sector job in telecommunications, after a short and destructive tenure as FCC Chair, same path to personal enrichment as we see so often in American governance. This is speculation, but I for one will support investigation and prosecution if Mr. Pai or others of you further break the public trust you have been given.
I know some of you are understand the need to keep net neutrality. I previously wrote to thank Mignon Clyburn for the opposition. The rest of you need backbone and a sense of morality that is it is wrong to use your public position to favor corporations over public interest. Your reputations are at stake. Your personal liberty is at stake – if your sell out is coupled with illicit personal enrichment. The future of American innovation and access is at stake.
There is substantial opposition to the repeal of net neutrality. Please heed the calls from experts and politician such as quoted below.
Thank you, Keith Brown Colorado 81435

Tim Berners-Lee‏Verified account
20h20 hours ago
#NetNeutrality allowed me to invent the web. If protections are scrapped, innovators will have to ask ISPs for permission to get their ideas out – a disaster for creativity. A disaster for the internet. Tell your Reps to stop the vote.…/act-now-to-save-the-internet-as-we-kno… … … @webfoundation

Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO), who wrote:

The Internet has been and remains a transformative tool, and I am concerned that any action you may take to alter the rules under which it functions may well have significant unanticipated negative consequences. Therefore, I urge you to delay your upcoming vote and provide Congress with the opportunity to hold hearings on the net neutrality issue and to pass permanent open Internet legislation.

I recently urged Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai to preserve the framework of net neutrality. The upcoming decision should not allow for corporate monopolistic domination, whether internet service provider delivery or content creators.

Signers of Joint Comments of Internet Engineers, Pioneers, and Technologists on the Technical Flaws in the FCC’s Notice of Proposed Rule-making and the Need for the Light-Touch, Bright-Line Rules from the Open Internet Order (about 250 names, not listed below, click to see Joint comments and signer names
Now is time to contact your representative. I emailed below & called my state reps…to Representatives Susan Collins, Robert Corker, Steve Daines, Ron Johnson, Jeff Flake, James Lankford, Jerry Moran, John McCain – by email to each representative
Please heed the informed arguments against passing the tax plans as stated recently by Lawrence Summers, Robert Ruben, the Tax Policy Center, the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, the Penn-Wharton Budget Model and the Congressional Budget Office.
I ask you to vote and advocate against the Tax Bills.
The Tax plans will do great damage to America, for decades to come. Americans will unnecessarily die from essential cuts and our futures will be limited by increased debt. You all know the tax plan overwhelmingly favors the very wealthy and hurts the middle class and poor.
You can stop the tax bills and you will be held responsible for what happens.
Keith Brown

An open letter to Gary Cohn and Steve Mnuchin about the Republican tax plan and estate tax repeal.

Mr. Cohn, Mr. Mnuchin,
Congratulations to you both, for your personal successes. Your challenge now is to be selfless and serve America. I urge you to radically change your position on the tax plan and the repeal of the estate tax -or- to explain in detail and truthfully why the plan and repeal is good for America. I and many only see wealthy class interest in your positions.

I’ve lost a great deal of trust and respect for you both due to Mr. Mnuchin’s use of public funds for extravagant travel and for Mr. Cohn’s various statements that seem to be lies (…’tax plan will not benefit the rich…”we want to be in the coal business”…) or made in contempt of the American public (…’only morons pay estate tax’…). It is up to you to compensate for past errors and show you are truly acting in the public interest.

My concerns with the tax plan is the projected $1.7 trillion increase in public debt, the top 1% (you) getting an 8.5% tax break and your insistence that the widely discredited trickle down theory will apply this time. My concern with the estate tax repeal is the fundamental unfairness and irrationality of repeal. You are both very wealthy. Do you think your wealth came solely from your effort? Were you some kind uber-shoe maker, whose income is only from your labor? Is it not more accurate you accumulated a fortune because of the economic system and therefore your wealth came from the public at large? Is that not reason to give back? The repeal of the estate tax will only affect 0.5% of all estates, which includes yours. Why can you not agree to pay the estate tax? You are not pharaohs needing fantastic wealth in an afterlife. Your children, grandchildren, great grand children will be wealthy beyond their needs even if you pay the estate tax. Mr. Cohn’s recent statement that the estate tax repeal is to protect farmers, that he has no personal interest, appears another lie, given that legislation surely could be proposed to exclude farmers from the tax.

Please use your great power and wealth to help the greatest need.
Keith Brown

Past activities I did, recall and think relevant for having exercised the political muscle are:

  • Rocky Flats nuclear weapons protests in the late 1970’s. Good fun, took non-violent protest training. Walked a bunch with a cheerful Japanese monk. Got arrested. Spent a day locked up in a Coors beer warehouse holding cell. Went to federal court presided by Judge Kim Goldberger.
  • Wrote letters to inmate Gary Tyler, the Louisiana parole board & governors, Presidents, Mr. Tyler’s attorneys, was a free gary tyler fb admin, etc. intermittently from late 1970’s till Mr. Tyler’s release in 2015.  My effort admittedly small. It was very good to see the legal process prevail, even so slowly.
  • Wrote letters for a decade + to Burmese / Myanmar Embassies to ask for the release from house arrest of Aung San Sui Kyi, on Burmese Independence Days and on the birthday of Aung San,  Suu Kyi’s father, a national hero. Now a political beware of what you wish for, since in 2017 Aung San Sui Kyi is the silent voice about the Rohingya genocide.
  • Funded a Chinese language service by the Tibet Government in Exile, India in the late 1990’s.  Just financial contributions, nothing personal, but a good idea at the time, to reach Chinese nationals about Tibet matters, thinking the fellow countrymen / neighbors of Tibetans were/are most important group to reach. The service continues today.

That is about it, for past effort for the collective good.  Efforts for my wife, for lost mountaineers and small deeds seems personal, not activism.
Keith 12/12/17